$20 half hour & $30 hour

It is well known that a regularly exercised dog is more likely to be a happy and well behaved dog. Our services include private dog walks that can be done in your neighborhood during the busy work week and on weekends. This is a great way to socialize your dog with nature and burn off some excess energy in order to get the exercise they crave. We will cater the dog walk to your dogs needs. Faster walks for the more energetic dogs, and leisurely strolls for the elderly. All while keeping your dogs needs priority and ensuring they have a safe fun experience.


$15  for 15 minutes

The potty break service is ideal for those clients who are unable to make it home during the day. We will stop in for 15 minutes to let your dog out for a quick potty break, sniff, scratch, and stroll around the yard.


$48 for 2 half hour visits and 1 fifteen minute potty break 


$55 for 3 half hour visits


$72 for 4 half hour visits 

Why board your dog while traveling when your dog can enjoy all the comforts of home with several daily visits from us instead? Your home is the safest option for your pet while you travel. They are in their natural environment and can sleep in their own bed!Our clients have been very happy with this service and it gives them piece of mind that their dog and home are both being looked after multiple times a day. 

Depending on how many visits you need a day, Greenwich Canine Concierge will time each visit out to ensure your dog is getting the necessary potty, walk, and feeding breaks in the day. Our first visit starts at 7am and last 830 pm.

We customize our visits to the needs of your dog. Please let us know if you would like walks, backyard outings, playtime, and what times feeding should be performed.


We also have many clients that need medication administered due to health issues. Please let us know what we need to do to keep your dog happy and healthy on its medication protocol. We have cared for dogs with epilepsy, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Our hands on care makes a difference with our clients. You have one person administering medications while you travel, unlike busy boarding facilities. 


This service is for the dog who will not want to be by itself at home and desires the love and care it deserves while you are traveling. It will stay in Greenwich Canine Concierge home, and have the luxury of daytime napping and walking with friends. This includes multiple dog walks daily and backyard playtime and potty breaks throughout the day. We space out the potty breaks according to your dogs  needs and  provide lots of playtime and love!

This service is for small dogs only 25 pounds and under. All dogs must be non aggressive and friendly with other dogs and fully house trained. We require proof of current vaccinations and flea and tick treatment from your veterinarian. 

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