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Before any Greenwich Canine Concierge services are performed we require a FREE  consultation to familiarize ourselves with your dog or cat. We service the areas of Avondale, Riverside, Murray Hill, Ortega and Venetia for dog walking and cat sitting visits. Be prepared to go over details about your pet and what you are looking for in our services. Please see our dog walking and boarding page for dog care, and cat sitting page for cat care to choose from our many services.  We will discuss any special requirements you may need in order for us to provide your pet with exceptional pet care.

At this free consultation we will also require a key for entry to your home. This is always kept safely in the hands of the owner, which sets us apart from other services in town where multiple people have keys for entry to your home. When you book services with Greenwich Canine Concierge all visits are only performed by the owner, which ensures the safety of your home and pets and allows us to maintain quality pet care. We take pride in the care we give our clients and care for your home like it is our own. 


We exercise and care for dogs according to their needs. We offer private dog walks that will give your pet the one on one time they desire, and we cater the pace of the walk to your dogs energy level. The types of private walks varies depending on the age and behavior of your dog. We train our puppy clients to learn how to walk properly on a leash and safely around traffic etc. For our rescue clients we will discuss with you what your dogs needs are. Our elderly dogs have tons of fun too! Just because they are old does not mean they do not need exercise. We have noticed improvements in our elderly clients health when they get their daily walks and get to visit with new friends! These walks tend to be slower paced, and we provide lots of breaks in the shade, petting, and love.

Group walks during daycare days are a great way to socialize your dog with other furry friends, and is fun for our puppy clients to learn how to walk in a pack. Our clients have their own "lifestyle" we call it and look forward to seeing their friends. It makes them look forward to the day or their "vacation from parents" while you are traveling. We have even witnessed some love stories happen! 


Our cats adore the special attention they receive while in our care. We will discuss any special care your cat may need, and can review their favorite play toys to enjoy some playtime on our visit. We provide more playtime with out kitty clients, and more love and affection with our older cat clients. All visits include lots of petting, purring, and treats so your cat will be very loved and happy when you arrive home.

Greenwich Canine Concierge provides daily pictures of your pet while you travel, on daycare days, or at the end of your vacation. We want our pet owners to have a wonderful relaxing vacation, and we understand you want to know how your fur babies day is going while they are on vacation!


Each visit can include any or all of the following:


potty break

play time

fresh water/ food

litter box change

medication administration

hugs & kisses

checking house

bring in mail

water plants

lots of belly rubs!



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dog daycare
dog daycare
dog daycare

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